Protecting Our Open Spaces

Even at 3 years old, I recognized the value of our open spaces. Driving into Simi, I knew we reached home when I could see the faces of the south mountains. These spaces provide us with places for gathering, connection, and outdoor exploration. I will work to protect these open spaces, understanding their value for our community and economy. Valuing these spaces is valuing our property worth, and I promise to work to protect that for our community.


Expanding Before/After School Programs

Our working families need support more than ever, and the Parks District is responsible for ensuring that need is met. I want to improve and expand programs that support children during working hours. This is vital to helping families in a fundamental priority – quality and accessibility of programs.


Recreation Center Programs for All

Programs offered to the community are the cornerstone of great cities. I seek to offer programs that are useful, valuable, and engaging for all participants. Community engagement is paramount for a strong and healthy society, and I want to foster connections that bring people together. From pottery, yoga, swimming, to basketball, and everything in between, we should offer places and activities for people to join for a better quality of life.


An Advocate for the People

Through my own personal experience working in politics, I’ve made connections and developed relationships with various officials. This uniquely empowers me to be an effective community advocate for my hometown of Simi Valley and its valued constituents, and I will strive to promote causes that matter most at both the state and federal level.


Greater Collaboration Leads to Better Services

I seek to partner the Parks District with other organizations in Simi Valley. Simi Valley School Board, Parks and Recreation, and the city government should utilize joint committees, bureaucratic partnerships, and collaborate to develop programs and spaces for greater community engagement and welfare.